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Born in Rouyn-Noranda, in northwestern Quebec, I grew up in the boreal forest. The contact with the forest has been very important in shaping my life’s path. Therefore, I quite naturally work with wood. In addition to wood, I like to work with clay and metal as well as various recycled materials.


I am fascinated by the beauty of curves. My playground is the marriage of two passions : wood and curves. For 35 years, I have been exploring the integration of curves in wood frame constructions. The buildings quickly take on a sculptural appearance. Sometimes a slight change of angle is enough to create new forms and shapes, both unexpected and seductive.


This interest led me to write the book  "Bois tordu et découpe de ciel''. (At the moment, it is available in French only, but will soon be translated). In this book, I explain five different techniques for construction in curves with a wood frame.  The book is both a great technical tool but also  a reflection about the experience  of building.

I continue my aesthetic experimentations through my constructions.


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