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In the book  "Bois tordu et découpe de ciel'', five techniques for constructing curved wood frame structures are explained, mainly using photos and drawings. The book also relates the lived and felt experience of construction.


The book is sold at a cost of $30 from the author and publisher: Claude Drolet, 120 Route 148 East, Thurso, QC, J0X 3B0; tel. : (819) 985-2378, email: Postage costs are extra.


The book is also available at the following locations (costs may vary):


  -Librairie Rose-Marie , 487 ave Buckingham, Gatineau (secteur Buckingham (819) 986-9685

  -Librairie du soleil, 53 bvd St-Raymond , Gatineau

  -Librairie Livres en tête, 110 rue st-Jean-Baptiste, Montmagny, (418) 248-0026


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Livre extrait pages 102-103.jpg
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